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In brief

  • Why are employers facing major recruitment challenges when the European workforce is the most educated in history?
  • Like the UK, Sweden or Germany, European countries have greater difficulties in attracting and hiring skilled workers. The European tech industry is seeing rapid growth and, as a result, is experiencing a skills shortage.
  • The talent market is global. Many European tech startups will compete for the best talents.
  • Startups can prevent talent shortage using smart hiring by upskilling and reskilling an in-house talent team and hiring across borders.

Talent Shortage

As Europe continues to recover from a prolonged and expensive economic crisis, four out…

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In recent months, interest in NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and Crypto Art grew exponentially. (If you don’t know what is an NFT, here is a little guide for beginners.)

Because of the exorbitant value of some works, the art market is generally inaccessible to ordinary people. What if you could only buy a portion of it and share the property with others? It is possible, it is tokenization.

Tokenization is the process of creating a non-fungible token in blockchains that represents an underlying asset and its value. Tokenization could revolutionize many creative disciplines, including the art industry.

So, why tokenize art…

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At the beginning of this year, I was taking up the lessons learned during the previous year. One of the more important lessons was that: “we must learn to live with uncertainty”.

This idea was already evident before the lockdown. The pandemic has only exacerbated it. But, it’s also an invitation to rethink the future.

You have to read the debates about the future of work. Remote working or not? A hybrid way? Moreover, some work that was not very digital became so during the pandemic.

We are, therefore, in the process of creating opportunities by surrounding ourselves with as…

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Imagine for a moment a world where all digital jobs are accessible with a natural language, a human language. A world where the computer understands the operations humans need it to do, and it effortlessly.

Imagine that developers by writing 3 words and computers can guess exactly what. Or better, imagine that tomorrow, a developer could dictate his intentions in a few sentences, and the machine could create this application like an e-commerce or mobile web app with just a little bit of context.

Photo editors supervise the imagery that appears in a magazine photo editors supervise the imagery in…

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The way we move within the same city is changing. The mode of transport consumption evolves from the traditional position of displacement in a private vehicle owned, as the only form of travel, to a model that integrates sufficient information from all existing modes of transport so that the user can both personalize their trip how to access these quickly and comfortably, completely transforming the travel experience conceived up to this moment. …

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30-Second Summary

  • The story of Web frontend development is very interesting. Javascript is far more advanced than it was a decade ago and a new generation of high-performance frameworks emerge.
  • The idea of Micro Frontends is to subdivide a big application into tiny parts. Those parts become individual applications.
  • Experiment Micro Frontends is more about team organization and business domain architecture than technology.
  • A very simple example of a configuration with Angular and Webpack Module Federation shows us how Micro Frontends extends existing possibilities and gives more flexibility to product teams.

The Past

At the start of this century, we wanted JavaScript to do…

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Before the pandemic, we were already immersed in an unstoppable change process. The arrival of Covid-19 in our lives has initiated or accelerated a process of transformation. Many changes are not only at the technological level but also in the way we work and interact from within organizations. This paradigm shift has had a direct impact on people in all organizations.

Here, my three precious lessons from 2020.

Lesson #1 — We Must Learn To Live With Uncertainty

2021 will be dominated by uncertainty and we must learn to live with uncertainty. However, our civilization has instilled in us the need for ever more certainties about the future. It’s only…

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That’s it. Tesla is now part of the S&P 500 index, achieving the status of a safe bet and representing one of the first weightings of this prestigious index, whose members include Apple or Amazon.

Many financial analysts have long been skeptical of Tesla’s valuation. Elon Musk himself tweets, in May, the stock price is too high.

But it looks like the pandemic has not had an effect on Tesla which signs a very convincing third quarter. The stock price is only going up. So what’s happen? What can we find in the leader of the electric car?

Market Value

Why is…

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What would we do today without a watch or a clock? Time pace our lives: train times, meeting times, cooking time…

The history of watchmaking is not only discoveries and inventions. It is the history of the men who built it, step by step, according to the design of new engineering mechanisms and the development of new marketing methods.

In his book Longitude: The true story of a lone genius who solved the greatest scientific problem of his time, Dana Sobel tells the story of John Harrison, the inventor of the marine chronometer, who solved one of the great scientific…

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are becoming increasingly incorporated into our life. There is still exist a predominance of a certain mistrust of AI technologies, especially in data privacy and security.

Most data scientists agree that all AI technologies have an inherent bias and risks, and this should not be the sole reason to avoid AI. In a previous post, we have already talked about the interesting questions opened up by AI technologies like GPT-3.

However, AI technologies have advanced to a degree that enables tailored communications into Web applications, and users are increasingly feeling very comfortable with businesses using AI…

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